Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weathered Pines- Sky Between the Buildings

Now that I switched my "who i'm in love with" band (the first one was the sandwitches, check out my post), I figured it was time to share the old one with you all. Here's the old band, Weathered Pines.

Weathered Pines are from Vancouver, and it's a mix of country, rock, and folk. Not something you come across alot, especially with female vocals. It still has a very indie sound, however.
For the most part, it's remorseful, reminiscent music, great for that time a couple weeks after you've broken up- you've moved past the anger but are still a little sad, lonely, and confused.

The Sky Between the Buildings is their debut LP, and it comes with my highest recommendation. It's seen no blogging or love, no hype or buzz. Which in a way think is all for the better, for it really lets the music talk for itself. I look forward to what comes next.

Check out their myspace and keep the music alive

Click here for two songs from the album, ballad of the boozehound and six feet down

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