Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pearly Dewdrops 12-6-10

Here's today's playlist. This will be the last "pearly dewdrops" forever, so i've decided to colalate a sort of "best of" the show, with mostly my favorite albums and bands I've featured on the show. Call in (530) 752 2777 and say hi/request something!

Tracy + the Plastics- The Myth of the Front
Pens-I Sing Just for You
Vivian Girls- Wild Eyes
Fleeting Joys- Lights Underground
Lung Leg- Disco Biscuit
Finally Punk-Penguin
Twin Sister- Lady Daydream
Mutating Meltdown- Fantasy
Cocteau Twins- Pearly Dewdrops Dew
Belleruche- Northern Girls
Kellarissa- Pienet Sanat
June Madrona- Roll On Columbia
Chelsea Wolfe- Your Name
Christina Antipa- Where Are You Going, Whoever You Are
Emily Frembgen-Why? 
Sarah June- In Your Chevrolet
Hell-Kite- Cabin
Nu Sensae- I'm a Body
L:ittle Lungs- Pet Cemetary
Vapid- Sex Stain
White Lung- Elf/546 Kids
Chin Chin- Proud Soldiers
Fuzzbox- Wait and See
Neverever- Blue Genes
Grass Widow- Shadow
Foot Ox- The Untrained Ear
The Corin Tucker Band- Half a World Away
The Sandwitches- Fire

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chin Chin- Sound of the Westway

The other high quality post of this expired, so I decided i'd post it up here. Swiss (they don't put out much, but what they do is awesome!) female vocalist fuzz/pop/punk/c86 type awesomeness circa the mid 1980's. Re-released on slumberland records (of course!) earlier this year. The only thing you need to know is that you need to download this and listen ASAP.

d/l here (320kb)

buy it here

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fur Cups for Teeth- fcfu

I'm back! This time I actually have music, too!

Today I have one of my favorite new releases and bands, Fur Cups For Teeth. A weird name, I know. I don't get it, so don't ask me.

Fur Cups For Teeth are from Brooklyn. Sonically, their most defining feature is their harmonies, which are very sweet and filter and intertwine through every song. It's upbeat pop with a strong guitar bite in most of the songs, but not all. Sometimes they play with a drum machine and some synths, but oddly, it retains the feel of the guitar songs. That impresses me while giving the album an interesting edge that makes it more rewarding to listen to than most indie rock albums out these days. They go from sounding like riot grrrl/pop punk bands like Partyline to a female modern day Ramones, to a few other musical lands and back.

As I sometimes gripe about those musical vegetables, this band fills my (and your) inner nerdy female indie-rock vegetable palate. Although, you're not supposed to like your vegetables, so perhaps Fur Cups For Teeth is more tantamount to a giant bacon double cheeseburger. Either way you slice it (pun intended, hehe) this band will impress you, rock you, and definitely make you want to dance. Now, only if they'll come play at KDVS' O:RMF. A boy can dream.

Here at 320kb.