Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 Teens Kill 4

Before I start, I felt it was time to update "who i'm in love with" section on the right. If you're a fan of dreamy/dark/psych folk with a hint of the cranes, by all means check Sarah June out, i'll blog about her soon too.

I love post-punk.

You should too.

I love 3 Teens Kill 4.

You should too.

Download this if you like:
y pants, a certain ratio, bush tetras, au pairs, pylon, pink industry, aka funky/dancy with a cold, synthy/slight industrial edge, and/or post punk with male/female vocals. It's also kind-of no-wavy too, mostly because they were from New York, not Britain.

Do Not Download if:
You don't like music that reeks like 1983 and is amazing and female funky post-punk.

Complain if:
You want more; by all means, I've got A LOT of this type of stuff. Or if you hated it (but I won't listen, just be forewarned).

I know, still haven't gotten my comments fixed but feel free to talk to me on the chat box to the right.

256 kb here

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