Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hefty Thigh Fem Fest

Last friday, the 12th, I went to a very good show, the hefty thigh fem fest. They somehow managed to have it in the art annex at U.C. Davis- which is a minor feat in and of itself, but it was a great venue.

Only artists with women vocalists played, so the show was ripe for awesomeness. Unfortunately, dadfag cancelled at the last moment, so I didn't get to see them play.

Mama Buries opened, which is a local Davis act. She's a wierd expiremental artist, not particularly my cup of tea.

Poppet was next to play, and boy was I in for a suprise- she normally does indie pop/a capella with loop pedals, but this time it was almost like indie rap or what I imagine indie pop mixed with rap music would sound like. She even stripped off her clothes down to a sports bra at one point, very interesting. Seeing her live is always a treat, let me tell you. I hope she keeps doing some of this new angle on some of her upcoming recordings, it's very unique. The only complaint- her set was very short! Only three songs!?!

Next up was Psychic Reality, whose split with L.A. Vampires I've really been enjoying. Her work is best described as dub drone/crimson wave expiremental stuff. The music was much more danceable than it sounds on the record, and I wish that she could've translated it better- it was kicking! Trust me, I was right in front of the speaker! It was fun to see her wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt, because the music seemed very much like a creepy 1984 version of some of his work.

Finally, Inca Ore played. She's similar to Psychic Reality (except Inca Ore's been around alot longer) but much less dancier. The set was much more psychadelic and expiremental than Psychic Reality, but at certain points got into a nice groove that in a certain way I prefer (because it wasn't so stated that it was dancy).

Last but not least, it really got packed when A Sunny Day In Glasgow played. You could tell that's who most people where there for. That's always too bad when people just show up for one band, it always seems disrespectful to me. Anyways, they were excellent, and started out with a cover of Fleetwood Mac (awesome) that was pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. After listening to their record, however, I was suprised at how loud, rocky, and well how not dream popish they sounded live. I wish they had worked the sound a little better, the mix was just not that good in my opinion. The harmonies between the singers was excellent (when I could hear it). On the positive side, they played quite a few songs.

I hope this festival becomes annual. Definately one of the better shows I've been to.

Below, in two parts, are some of the artists' newest works.

Part one here contains the L.A. Vampires/Psychic Reality Split LP and Inca Ore's Birthday of Bless You

Part two here contains Poppet's Birds the Word EP and Ashes Grammar by A Sunny Day In Glasgow.


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