Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christina Carter- Obelisk 7"

I've been a fan of her work for a while, very haunting, minimalist experimental folk sort of stuff. Great listening for cold, dark fall weather. It's bleak but doesn't seem hopeless, it's beyond grasping or understanding but never strikes you as foreign- she has a wonderful way of mirroring the haunted soundscapes of nature with her work that comes off as honest, as unknown, just like nature itself. This type of music is meant to be felt not written about however, so I urge you to take a listen and then support her work by purchasing the 7"- the proceeds go to help musician Tom Carter after his illness on tour.

Released on Emerald Cocoon records, a great experimental label I suggest you check out.
Emerald Cocoon Records

Help Tom Carter

Recorded from Vinyl, Flac file approx. 20mb. Link in comments.

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