Saturday, March 20, 2010


Long time no post. The break was nice.

Today I have for you a portland band similar to sonic youth, scratch acid, 80's punk/alternative noise rock stuff, known as alarmist. They existed in the early to mid part of the last decade and have a number of releases, mostly cd-r's. Probably most known for having as a member Eva, who went on to do things in a solo manner in a rather opposite direction with Inca Ore.

Sonically, very confrontational, dirty, all over the place, dark, noisy, shifting time signatures, or simply amazing. It features guy/girl vocals back and forth, sometimes at the same time, sometimes just one or another.

Here's there most official, biggest release, Evil Works: Get Rich or Try Dying: Evil Works in 320 kb.

I have more, if you're interested let me know. Also, the files are listed incorrectly as "the alarmists" and it should be alarmist.

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