Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Estrogeneration LP

Normally, experimental music isn't really my thing. However, this super cool trend known as crimison wave, which is kind of like super lo-fi shoegaze post-punk with a little folk, is really sweet. To be considered crimson wave, you have to be female, so it perked my ears right away.

I think this is the riot grrrl of the 1990's, basically women telling men that women can make expiremental music just as good as anyone. (Personally, I think it's better than almost all other experimental shit I've heard, and the only male-based expiremental that I like sounds similar to crimson wave). I think i'm drawn to it, because it draws alot from psychadelic folk, or freak folk, which I really enjoy.

My Estrogeneration is a compilation of the who's who in the "crimson wave scene", and it's excellent- bodering on spectacular. Like a compilation that we'll look back in 2025 and go, "shit, dude".

Also check out Not Not Fun records, which put out the compilation. They've been doing alot of cool shit lately.

Download here

Check out Not Not Fun here

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