Thursday, July 29, 2010

!Action Pact!-Punk Singles Collection (flac)

Excellent early/mid 80's punk/oi band from England. One of my favorite punk bands.

Highly Recomended, as oi! rarely has female vocals.

ripped to flac. mp3's on request.

part 1
part 2

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ai Aso- Lavender Edition (flac)

Japanese dreampop/psychedelic with soft, paper-like female vocals.

Very beautiful music for those days when you just want to wallow in despair.

Simply amazing.

get it here (flac)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sarah June

I just updated the "Who I'm in love with box" on the right, so as per tradition, it's time to share the old one with you. As she's somewhat of an "internet acquaintance" I won't be rude and upload her album, but I will upload a song- and hopefully everyone won't kill me. (you, the illicit reader for me not posting it, and her for me posting it, ha). She's told me her new album will come out on vinyl- another convert, haha.

But what can I say about the music? Well, she has the sweetest voice short of Rose Melberg, and she plays the guitar in some magical way. It'll shake you to your core if you let it. Very melancholic, with a twist of gothic feel- think cranes or any classic darkwave act. If you get bored of "another neko case" or "another singer/songwriter" well pay attention. She is definitely neither.

As for the new band that "i'm in love with", well, just check my last blog. That goes to a completely other type of music. Hey, it's my blog.

Grab a slice of Sarah June's new album here and then you'll buy it, I swear. She's playing in SF on July 20th- and I plan on attending. Unfortunately, it's 21 and over. Details here.

Vancouver- Supercity of Amazing Female Punk/Grunge

I don't know what it is- Vancouver is the spot.

I was lucky enough to catch White Lung play here in Sacramento on Wednesday- wow, way to rock my socks off! Reminded me of the Gits the whole time they played. Perhaps part of it was related to the fact they played at the axewave manor- a basement, but either way they blew me away. And apparently also their guitar, it broke two strings, effectively ending the show, unfortunately. Is grunge coming back into fashion? Probably not, but maybe it never died in Vancouver.

Nu Sensae also has a new record out, TV, Death, and the Devil, which is equally awesome. They played here in Sacramento at the Sol Collective and were very good- but I like White Lung's fuller sound more, personally.

Vapid's new LP, Practically Dead continues the more "melodic" punk of their early 7", Do the Earthquake, the first release on nominal records, which shows you where they lie on the music spectrum. They played back in march, and I missed them. However they will be playing clitfest up in PDX later in august and I plan to catch them then. And, last but not least- it's on a clear record- maybe it's my inner child, but colored/odd records just make me weak at the knees. Not surprisingly, White Lung's new LP, is well, white.

Quite a while back, Pompoir played at the hub- I think in November or maybe December, but they were also very good. To my surprise, they played almost all the songs where she sings- which I loved. Their (at the time) new 12'' EP, Exploding Time, is very good but I feel lacks something from their live performance. She sings a lot less on the record- perhaps that's it, but perhaps I'm just being a twat.

Of all these bands, I'd have to say Pompoir is the grungiest- albeit "garage" grunge, even though that sounds ridiculous.

Check out their myspace(s) and support amazing music!
white lung
nu sensae

all of these come with the ginger "snap" of approval, by the way. And you can hear them all on my radio show, Pearly-Dewdrops, this past week, along with other fine punk music.

listen here.

Agent 99- flac

Excellent early 3rd wave ska band with female vocals. Here in flac.

3 parts:

part 1

part 2

part 3